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A Postcard to Jeff Mangum

An open letter/rant/ramble to and about a musician and idol of mine, Jeff Mangum. — I’m not even sure where to start. I feel sort of ridiculous for writing this in the first place – it was one of those … Continue reading

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A Nazarene’s Lament (first draft)

This is going to be edited in the coming week, but here’s the first draft — I don’t claim to have a plan. I love, I hate, I fear. And I don’t claim to be your man. You pass worldly … Continue reading

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A note: three haikus I’ve written. They’re some of the earliest poems I wrote, and I may go back to them (especially #2) and flesh them out into bigger poems at some point. Haiku #1: Poetry annoys; It’s always on … Continue reading

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Just When I Thought I Would Sleep

Just when I thought I would sleep, and catch up on that little breath of oblivion That everyone seems to be striving for in vain these days, you called me, And I knew that it would be another night with … Continue reading

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It always starts at a bright coffee shop. And It continues with a description. She wore A dress that did not match her soul, Beautifully. Hair darker than description; A sidelong glance. We sat not far apart; And then she … Continue reading

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What Are You Doing Here?

You’re clearly lost. If, for some reason, you’re here on purpose, then, well, hello! I’m going under the pen-name Stephen Consciousness because pen-names are fun. I’m going to be posting my poetry here, with the occasional note on content or … Continue reading

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